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Do you need a safety cable for your garage door?

Your garage door will only need a garage door safety cable if you have an single car garage with an extension garage door spring. The garage door spring under a lot of tension provides the lifting force necessary to lift the garage door up or lower it down with ease.

Most home owner will think that the garage door opener is responsible for that, but it’s not true. It’s the job of the garage door extension spring to provide the lifting force necessary. For the safety cables to be installed, it needs to pass through the garage door spring and secured on both ends to protect the home owner and his property on an event when the spring or cable breaks without warning.

The force a broken spring exerts can cause serious damage to the door or any individual standing in it’s way. So the use of safety cables, comes in very handy and useful here. The size of an extension spring cable is usually 1/8″ thick and 165″ in length.

For more information about garage door safety cables and how to install them, contact Garage door repair Richmond VA Company.

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