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Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement Company in Richmond Virginia

What type of repair do you need for your garage door? Ricko garage door repair specializes in all kinds of garage door repair services in Richmond Virginia

All you need to know about your garage door springs

Broken Spring Replacement: Broken spring is the most common garage door problem. You never can tell when your spring will break. Garage door springs are secured to a metal shaft above your garage door. Sometimes depending on the system you have, the shaft may pass through the middle or the shaft may house the spring.

The springs have life cycles: This tells you how many times your garage door will open and close before it breakss. There are 3 kinds of springs:

Torsion spring: This are mounted at the end of the shaft. Most garage doors have 2 springs, especially the 2 garage doors, while the single car garage doors have one(1) spring

Wayne Dalton, Torque Master Spring: These springs are pretty secured inside the shaft. The spring is fastened inside the shaft by the stationery cone which matches the shape od the shaft.

Extension Springs: These are the most common of all springs. They stretch above the parallel to the horizontal tracks on each side.

Other Repair/ Services Includes:

  • Broken Hinges
  • Missing or broken rollers and pulleys
  • Reprogram garage door opener remotes and keypads
  • Broken cables
  • Gap at the bottom of garage door
  • Broken Panels
  • Garage door Off tracks

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